Welcome! How's it going?

Hiya! I'm Augustine. Or Bee. Or Tali. Whichever you'd prefer.

I am very VERY new to html/css so this site is gonna be...pretty rough. I hope to upload some of my writing (which you can find here and here) at some point, so you can stick around for that if you'd like! Or not, I won't be offended hehe

I'm a fan of cats, ghosts, birds, web/tv archiving (particularly in regards to interstitials and station ids!), object shows, and about a million other things! I've got a lot of love in my heart for things ^-^

a few other things i've got my nose in:

I've also got a tumblr, a twitter (sadly), and a spacehey if you wanna say hi or poke me or whatever. I'd add a guestbook for that instead but i dont know how to do that yet so! here we are

oh yeah, pronouns are they/them, he/him, ip/ips, ae/aer, really im not that picky so anything except probably she/her is alright. I'm flexible